About Me

Hi, I'm Tomas Della Vedova, aka delvedor.

I'm a software engineer based in Italy,
my main focus is on Javascript and Node.js technologies.
I'm passionate about Technology, Design and Cinema.


I am an enthusiastic software engineer, who spend most of his time programming in Javascript and Node.js.
I am constantly forward the enrichment of my knowledge and the exploration of new technologies.
Moreover, I truly believe in the Open Source philosophy.

// Click on the project's name!
const projects = ['Fastify', 'find-my-way', 'shape-of-q', 'upring', 'Tyval', 'electron-is', 'fast-json-stringify', 'Node.js Installer', 'cute-socket', 'dom.js', 'go-to-line', 'Microservices', 'FileFactory', 'appversion', 'electron-screen', 'Avvio', 'self-stream', '|']
projects.forEach(project => {


I graduated at the University of Udine in Web and Multimedia Technologies,
with a thesis on "Microservices Oriented Architectures".

I have attended an Erasmus in Göteborg, Sweden,
where I've studied Human Computer Interaction and Computer Security.

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